Dues Information

When you submit dues for your Chapter members you make it possible for your Chapter and its members to receive the full benefits of PRSSA membership.

PRSSA Headquarters must receive dues by March 1 or Nov. 1. Contact PRSSA Headquarters if extenuating circumstances prevent you from meeting these deadlines. Even if dues are late, the memberships are considered as starting either March 1 or November 1, and will expire the following year on the last day of February or October, respectively.

Read the information below to help you submit dues correctly.

Submitting Dues

Students must pay National dues once each calendar year to be a PRSSA member. National dues are $55, and Chapters may charge an additional fee. The following four steps must be completed to submit dues properly.

Keep a copy of your documents for your Chapter's records. If you have further questions, contact PRSSA Headquarters.

Note: National and Chapter dues cannot be prorated. However, if you graduate the same semester you pay dues (e.g., pay March 2016 dues and graduate May 2016), you may separately pay an additional $5 and submit your PRSA membership form within that same semester to become a PRSA Associate member upon graduation.