Leadership Transition

Extending the Legacy

A smooth leadership transition is essential for maintaining a strong Chapter, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work.


An effective transition helps new leaders make good choices about programs to start, stop or continue; prevents leaders from repeating past mistakes; and helps maintain relationships with professionals and organizations with connections to the Chapter.

Tips for a Successful Transition

A successful transition doesn’t happen without planning and commitment from outgoing and incoming leaders. Here are some tips to help with your transition.

Most importantly, so that your leadership receives valuable information and updates:

C.H.A.R.T. Guide

A useful tool for any incoming executive board is an accurate record of the Chapter’s relationships, history and accomplishments. The C.H.A.R.T. Guide, an acronym for Chapter History, Accomplishments, Records and Transition, can be updated annually by officers to assist your Chapter with the transition process.

See the PRSSA Situation Analysis (PDF)as an example of how to put together a Chapter C.H.A.R.T. Guide.

Further questions about officer transitions? Contact the vice president of Chapter development.