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PRSSA 2016 National Conference

Crossroads of Public Relations

Indianapolis | Oct. 21–25 |

Morgan Spurlock Theresa

PRSA General Session
Sunday, October 8
12:30–2:30 p.m.

Morgan Spurlock sparks conversation and inspiration with his cheeky and thought-provoking narratives on a wide range of social issues including fandom, obesity, income inequality, immigration and the influence of branding.

Best known for his critically-acclaimed hit documentary “Super Size Me” and the CNN original series “Inside Man,” Morgan’s unique approach to examining societal issues makes them engaging, entertaining and accessible for audiences. Whether it’s spending time in jail or adhering to a strict fast-food diet, by immersing himself into risky situations, Morgan shares an intimate look at society’s rarely discussed sectors, while adeptly illustrating the underlying social and economic forces that drive cultural phenomena.

On stage, Morgan expertly blends information and anecdote as he delivers the scathingly funny, subversive, and deceptively smart perspective portrayed in his on-screen undertakings. The values of transparency and risk-taking in any endeavor become clear as Morgan draws from his exposure to various segments of American culture to expose you to new ideas that stimulate reexamination of commonly-held philosophies.