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Biola University Membership Grows By 75 Percent

October 27, 2009

Chapter membership has increased 75 percent as of last year

LA MIRADA, Calif. — Biola University is off to a great start for the fall semester. Their Chapter kicked off the season with their first event last month. About 25 students turned out to hear keynote speaker Raniel Diaz, senior integration manager at Boost Mobile, present about public relations and marketing strategies in the workplace.

Diaz, an alumnus of Biola, offered students a glimpse into the professional application of our studies. His presentation included slides outlining Boost Mobile’s fall marketing strategies. The lecture did not appeal to business marketing majors only. Students from a variety of majors were in attendance, representing communications, public relations, visual journalism and even political science. The diversity in the room underscored the success of the recently revitalized PRSSA Chapter.

When Professor Mike Bower came on the scene three years ago as Faculty Advisor, the Chapter was struggling badly. Sandi Reece is the current Chapter President. “It was dead,” Reece stated bluntly. The Chapter was down to two members and virtually doing nothing on campus. “No one wanted to take ownership,” said Reece. In her first year as Chapter President, Reece knew that accepting the position meant taking on the tough challenge of bringing the Chapter back to life.

Not meeting the minimum 10 member requirement, one of their biggest obstacles was convincing PRSSA to allow Biola to remain a Chapter. Reece and several others began the arduous process of building the Chapter back up. They talked to any classes they could in order to spread awareness about the Society on campus, and booked speakers to start holding events again. It worked.

Their first event attracted a record 35 attendees and garnered 15 new members for the Chapter. “Our membership grew by 75 percent last year,” noted Reece with a smile. Additionally, since Biola Univerisity has ties to both the Orange County and Los Angeles PRSA Chapters, members are strategically positioned to venture into the public relations field after graduation.

As the Chapter continues to grow, Biola certainly has much to smile about. Professor Bower says it has been “resurrected from the ashes” and is now “vibrant”. Their momentum carried members all the way to the PRSSA 2008 National Conference in Detroit last year. They are planning on attending Conference again this year in San Diego.


Sandi Reece