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The University of Alabama PRSSA Chapter Hosts Shelley Spector

November 28, 2017

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (Nov. 28, 2017) — The University of Alabama PRSSA hosted Shelley Spector of Spector & Associates via Skype at one of their October Chapter meetings. She offered the members 10 important tips on how to stand out from their competition when interviewing in the public relations field.

Bringing up both traditional and modern practices, Spector engaged the crowd through thought-provoking questions and a witty sense of humor.

“There are only two newspapers that matter — and I can promise you neither of them comes from Alabama,” Spector said.

As a proud “New Yorker,” she prefers The New York Times, and never shows up to interview without a few pages of it sticking out of her briefcase. Spector continually stressed the importance of being up-to-date on the news, especially within the public relations industry. She also highlighted the need to manage social media profiles with professionalism, addressing that she always checks potential hires’ Facebook pages prior to their interview, looking out for educated and interesting comments and interactions with others.

“Facebook gives us a 360-degree view of who you are,” Spector said.

Spector finished her presentation with an assignment for the PRSSA members. She urged members to email their three-sentence elevator pitch to her for a personal critique.



About the University of Alabama PRSSA Chapter:

The University of Alabama PRSSA Chapter strives to serve its members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities, and to serve the public relations profession by helping to develop highly qualified, well-prepared professionals.

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