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PRSSA 2019 International Conference

The Golden State of PR

San Diego | Oct. 18–22

Community Service Initiative

Did you know that just in the state of California there are approximately 63,000 kids in foster care? This is heartbreaking to us at PRSSA Nationals so we have decided to team up with Connect Our Kids to help increase awareness about this issue that has cursed the US in each state. Connect Our Kid’s mission is to collaborate with the public and private sectors to connect every child to a safe and loving family. They do this through empowering child welfare professionals and family recruiters with their family connections technology. Connect Our Kids intends to share this technology with welfare professionals in order to streamline foster care processes, and allow these professionals to focus on doing what they do best—helping children and their families.

We are going to raise awareness for this cause and nonprofit organization by continuing and helping spread their social media campaign, Fostering Family Traditions. It’s a fun and thoughtful way to do a lot of good this holiday season by creating awareness for a cause that impacts this world we live in daily. Let’s band together to help Connect Our Kids find loving families for every child who needs one.

It is super easy to participate in the initiative! Even if you won’t be in attendance at PRSSA International Conference, we hope that you join PRSSA National in this Community Service Initiative since it is a virtual effort this year. It just takes 3 simple steps and less than 5 minutes …

To learn more about Connect Our Kids, check out their website or find them on social media. If you or anyone you tag would like to donate instead of participating in the social media challenge, they can do so by sending $5 to Connect Our Kids’ Venmo - ConnectOurKids6.