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PRSSA 2019 International Conference

The Golden State of PR

San Diego | Oct. 18–22

Meet this year's Conference Committee from the California State University, Fullerton PRSSA Chapter.

Contact the PRSSA 2019 International Conference Committee at prssanc@gmail.com.



Kayla Fernandez, Conference Director

Kayla is proudly serving as the Conference coordinator for the Conference. She is the main communicator for the conference and will assist in implementing new ideas through a fresh perspective.

Kayla has been a member of PRSSA since Fall 2017. Through PRSSA, she has volunteered for CSUF’s PRSSA Regional Conference: Next Gen PR, the Anaheim GardenWalk, Powerhouse Communication, and CSUF PRSSA’s annual Halloween Mixer.

Kayla currently serves as the vice president of sponsorship and fundraising for her Chapter. During the first semester of her academic term, she has continued to foster relationships with CSUF PRSSA’s top sponsors. Her goal for the rest of the academic year is not only to continue to maintain relationships with current sponsors and partners of PRSSA, but also to gain new relationships for the years to come. She plans to accomplish this goal by creating an effective communications plan for pitching via email and over the phone.

Outside of PRSSA, Kayla studied abroad in Italy during the summer of 2018 where she worked closely with professors to gain insight on Italian media studies as well as global tourism. With this experience she was able to better understand the international market of tourism and how it affects the economic well-being of the world.

Kayla continues to excel in her studies as a cinema and television arts major with a minor in public relations. She is excited to see what other opportunities will arise in the next year.



Kristen Anne Cuaresma, Programs Director

Kristen serves as the programs director for the Conference. Working directly with PRSSA Nationals and a committee filled with dedicated individuals, Kristen works to create an excellent Conference experience for PRSSA members, internationally.

Kristen Cuaresma is an aspiring public relations and communications professional, and has played an active role in her campus community as well as her local PRSA and PRSSA organizations. 

Since her first year of college, Kristen has been an active member of PRSSA. She has been a part of several committees, an attendee of PRSSA’s National Conference for the past three years, account coordinator and executive of the CSUF PRSSA’s Student-run Firm, Titan Public Relations, and vice president of university relations for CSUF PRSSA. Kristen has also volunteered for the Anaheim Garden Walk, the Voice Awards, the Hollywood Music and Media Awards and served as the delegate for the PRSSA 2017 National Assembly. In addition to her avid work with CSUF PRSSA, Kristen was a part of the team that put on CSUF PRSSA’s sold out 2018 Regional Conference, Next Gen PR.

In the spring of 2018, Kristen was elected president of the California State University, Fullerton Chapter. As president, Kristen leads a team of dedicated individuals with a goal of helping their students gain all of the skills and resources they need to be successful.

Kristen has recently completed an internship with Rocket Science Media Group, conducting research and analytics and creating content for various clients including beauty, music education, system processes and motorcycles.

As a communications major with an emphasis in public relations and a cinema television arts minor, Kristen will continue to explore her passion for communications.



Isabella Garcia, Communications Director

Isabella is the communications director for the Conference. Isabella will be in charge of the creative content, using photography and video to showcase the event.

During Fall 2018, Isabella joined PRSSA as an incoming junior, not only to immerse herself into the field of public relations but also to network and build relationships with her peers.

Isabella previously worked as a photographer on her community college newspaper where she worked in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to help create the newspaper with her peers. During her time with the newspaper, Isabella began working on both of their social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook. With the aesthetic of her photographs, she gave the newspaper’s Instagram a fresh look, making it more college friendly to allow for a stronger following from students on campus.

After two years at community college, she received two associate degrees, one in journalism and the other in communications.  

Isabella plans on using knowledge from her own photography business to bring her vision for Conference to life. She has photographed a plethora of events such as weddings, sold out shows at the Anaheim House of Blues, and the Vans Warped Tour. She also learned to work with Photoshop and Lightroom programs to generate stylized presets and enhance her photos.

In her two years left of school, Isabella will continue to work towards expanding her knowledge, pursuing a major in public relations and a photography certificate in the communications department at CSUF.